09 September 2017

Hello My Lovelies - New Beginnings

Hello You Lovely People! 
Some of you might already recognize me from Instagram
and Facebook as Glitter Perfection XO.  I am finally coming to you via Blogspot!

I am embracing a lot of new things this year, blogging included, and I wanted an easy
way to share my new journey with you. I am now officially branching out from nailart
into beauty blogging, specifically through Younique. I am now a presenter!

Yes ladies, that is correct!!! 

You can now do more than admire the gorgeous nail art I create, or follow the makeup
tutorials that will be coming soon. You can purchase all the amazing products I will
be showing you by clicking the JOIN THE PARTY link at the top right of my blog. 

Despite how crazy things will be this first little while as I pursue my education, 
I will still need an outlet for all my creative endeavours. I cannot wait to share all new
content with you from all aspects of this beauty world I am jumping into.

I love all your feedback, and please reach out anytime if you have questions about
techniques, products, purchasing or anything else at all.

Have a FABULOUS day. ♥

-Ash xo